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Be the Market Leader in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is highly competitive and requires considerable knowledge, capital, and a high level of risk tolerance. Therefore, being an affiliate can help you virtually eliminate or at least minimize the challenges you face when entering the real estate investing industry. You can also get access to more powerful tools and effective learning programs that can help you grow personally and professionally. Then why wait? Contact us if you want to be part of the Discover Weichert family.

the 4 pillars


A Great Brand Name With A Stellar Reputation

Massive Value For Your Agents & Your Customers

A Proven Turn-Key Solution For Your Company

Full Support & Systems That Work Consistently


Build It

If you decided to “build it” you’re going to need unlimited resources, time, and money.  After it’s built, you will need to make updates often.  After all this it may or may not work.

Turn Prospects into Customers
Strengthen Sales with Social Media Support


Buy It

If you decide to “buy it” money is going to be the key factor along with coordination of efforts including administration.  Again, it may or may not work.


Leverage It

If you decide to “leverage it” you have placed yourself in a position of strength to be able to leverage systems that’s already built, ready to use, already proven, and maintained and updated for you consistently.  All the guess work is eradicated. 
Create a Lasting Impression

“It’s all about building capacity. Why do all this other stuff while you don’t have to if you leverage us for so many things. Concentrate on building your business and selling. Not creating training, marketing, tech research, sales meetings. Business coaching. We have it all under one roof. And the best is you don’t pay for any of this upfront. It’s after you sell something so you are leveraging us to save time, money resources etc.”

Bill Scavone | President of Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc

Perks of Becoming an Affiliate


Get Recognized Easily

Will you be buying or selling your home through a company that has no recognition in the market? Absolutely not!
An association with a non-renowned company carries an element of risk where attracting customers becomes a time-consuming process. Therefore, join hands with Discover Weichert and multiply your chances of converting prospects into loyal customers.


Proven marketing systems

The lifeline of a real estate investor lies in finding good deals.
There is no easy way to find good deals, especially with the industry competition that has flooded the market these days. With real estate investing partners, you get the benefit of a proven marketing system.


Sales Training and Support

If you connect with us, we will offer you a comprehensive sales training program to enrich your skills and knowledge.
A prior experience in sales will be an added advantage, but don’t worry if you have just stepped into the industry. Our trainers will help you excel in every step and utilize your life-learned sales skills in the home buying industry. Becoming an affiliate can offer you one-on-one training that could only otherwise be found by spending tens of thousands of dollars on mentoring programs.


An Opportunity with Unlimited Possibilities

Get ready to immerse yourself in thought leadership and people-centric culture.
As an affiliate, you can create lasting loyalty by delivering a memorable customer experience. You also get an opportunity to amplify your personal brand by building on our trusted and time-honored name. Partnering with Discover Weichert can help you leverage their lead generation systems to capture and convert business.

Why Partner with Weichert?


The Support to Grow

Our technology, tools, and management systems are designed to help you grow your business, recruit new talent, and educate your agents.


Brokers Who’ve Been There

Growing a business is hard, but our extensive broker network gives you access to real people who’ve been there, done that, and can help you every step of the way.


People Who Care

At Weichert, people come first. We’re always looking for ways to help you and we genuinely care about seeing you succeed—not just today, but over the long term.